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I can has podcast?

A bit of shyness makes me use lolcat speak in my title. I couldn’t just blurt out – I am in a podcast!

For English readers of this blog, you need to practice your Danish first. The podcast is made by a Dane in the USA in Danish about the Danish blogosphere. The Dane, Rasmus, wanted to interview someone from, and because the board knew how much I loved to talk, they invited me to do the interview on behalf of our network.

The interview was fun, with our connection on Skype falling out about every 5 minutes. Rasmus was very cool and didn’t miss a beat. Despite the technical challenges, it really is impressive how we could sit on opposite sides of the globe and carry on a discussion. Amazing stuff, technology.

I learned how talking is so different from writing. Doh! you say? Well, once the words have left your mouth, you cannot rearrange phrases as easily as you do with a word-processing tool. And 15 minutes into the conversation, I had no clue as to what I said just a few minutes ago!

I did have a few keywords on a piece of paper in front of me, plus some data displayed on my computer screen. Several times, I had the feeling that I was chunking my thoughts like a good technical communicator. I was trying to present clear concepts and then introduce sub topics along the way. I felt like I had a little watchdog in my brain making sure I didn’t go too far off course. I wonder how other writers experience interviews, or generally, how other people go through the interview process. I did know that I should trust Rasmus. He was the interviewer. He had the questions. I figured that all I had to do was answer!

Thank you, Rasmus. I had lots of fun talking about networking, blogging, WordPress, Webgrrls, Heltinder, professionalism, and lots, lots more.


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