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I can has podcast?

A bit of shyness makes me use lolcat speak in my title. I couldn’t just blurt out – I am in a podcast! For English readers of this blog, you need to practice your Danish first. The podcast is made by a Dane in the USA in Danish about the Danish blogosphere. The Dane, Rasmus, wanted to interview someone from, and because the board knew how much I loved to talk, they invited me to do the interview on behalf of our network. The interview was fun, with our connection on Skype falling out about every 5 minutes. Rasmus was very cool and didn’t miss a beat. Despite the technical challenges, it really is impressive how we could sit on opposite sides of the globe and carry on a discussion. Amazing stuff, technology. I learned how talking is so different from writing. Doh! you say? Well, once the words…


The Frustrating Side of Podcast Listening

I love podcasts, but some can be so frustrating. The “some” I am talking about are those where a lecture or presentation was recorded. With a simple Q&A session, the problem is the speaker not repeating the question from the audience. Repeating the question is good practice anyway, as pointed out by Ken Molay in a recent webinar. For the questioner, it is proof that the speaker comprehended the question. For podcast listeners, the question gets heard! Any dialog in the audience during the Q&A is often lost on the podcast listener. Here I can understand that it is difficult for the speaker to repeat all the ideas discussed between two or more people in the audience. If audience participation through dialog is a big part of the event being recorded, I think more microphones are called for. In some ways, that might be why it is nice to leave…


Rahul’s Top 10 Lessons Learned as a Technical Communicator

Here are some very wise words from Rahul Prabhakar. He lists and discusses the top 10 lessons he has learned as a technical communicator. I won’t even list them here as a teaser. Go to his site and read them. Or listen to them at Tech Writer Voices. You cannot just read or listen once. I contemplated starting my own list of Top 10 Lessons after reading this list. I thought that would be a nice touch to carry on the concept and have it spread to other technical communication sites. However, I am too influenced by Rahul’s ideas right now. I would need to mull over these ideas for a while before I dare set pen to paper, or rather, shoved a few electrons around on the screen. Besides, the intention of my site is to share lessons, big and small, on a fairly regular basis. Maybe I can…

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