. . . the author

Karen Mardahl is a technical communicator living and working in Denmark. She also tweets (a lot) on Twitter. You can find her there as @kmdk (herself) or @accesstechcomm (evangelizing about accessibility and technical communication on Twitter when not blogging on Accessible-Techcomm.org, a project run together with Cynthia Lockley, WebDiva par excellence).

. . . the topics

Any aspect of technical communication, with special focus on accessibility, quality (work/documentation/etc.) processes, writing, editing, usability, and technology. And not necessarily in that order. (There may be detours to discuss a book or a movie now and then.)
The fascinating topic of communities and their dynamics is gaining my attention more and more these days, so blog posts may also go in that direction now and then. Of course, it is all related to technical communication!
The topic of communities can also lead to the topic of life and the meaning of everything. (This is an escape clause used to justify any wild detours in a blog. :-))

. . . the reason

Over the years, I have provided information to friends about technical communication, plus many odds and ends about various authoring tools and general computer work. Information was shared through emails, and I often repeated myself to different people, by digging through old archives and copy/pasting in a new email. I wanted to use my website for sharing, but for a long time, it was in a form where it just wasn’t practical. At long last, I decided to set up a blog, and of course, I decided to choose WordPress!

. . . the site

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