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Geek in love

Yes, I think I am in love… with a pc! (Only a geek could write something like that.)

I’ve been reading about the new Asus Eee PC, and think: could this be the one for me? Could this solve a desire to have an electronic device for writing that is lightweight and easy to carry around? I love all my paper notebooks, and I won’t throw those out. However, sometimes, just sometimes, it would be nice to have a portable electronic device. Because I have a pc already, I am reluctant to invest in a laptop as well. It strikes me as not financially sensible, as well as something else to keep synchronized and updated. Smartphones look cool, but everything seems so tiny. The thought of typing out a longer email or document with the use of a pointer tool gives me the shudders. I want a keyboard for that sort of thing.

This new PC seems to fall nicely between mini and maxi. It also seems a bit more grown-up than the XO in a way that is tricky to explain. All I would like is something that I can write on. I don’t want any cool applications. A cool machine for writing words is enough. I could check webmail and something like Google Docs. YouTube has a little appetizer. That will have to do until they are available in my country. I’m not so in love that I’d order from outside the country. 🙂

It could be a case of have Eee pc, can travel! Fancy work can wait until I get home. Oh, if I were a millionaire, I’d get something else. But I’m not a millionaire. It is just nice to see a gadget that is within reach and won’t upset my frugal attitude.

It is nice to see both the Eee PC and the XO on the market. My Pollyanna personality wonders: what minds will be shared with the world when consumer technology is within economic reach of more people on our planet?