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It’s 2023…

Tom Klaver speaks the truth: It’s so damn hard to get started! When I saw his toot on Mastodon, kindly boosted by Deborah Onoro, I decided to get started myself. Here is my first posting of 2023 and my first posting in a while! Mastodon is getting me back into social media again, and now it looks like it kickstarted this blog again. It’s nice when public knowledge sharing can be constructive, educational, and fun! This blog will continue to be whatever I want it to be. That is the point of having one’s own blog! I am sure there will lots on communication, sprinkled with accessibility and usability aspects. Once you learn about accessibility and usability, I find that you cannot unlearn them and you cannot “unnotice” issues around them when you are out and about. I view them as aspects of life, and not just a tiny corner…

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WordPress Meetup Fun – 12 July in Copenhagen

Fresh baked rolls from Lisa and birthday pastries from Abelone set the usual cozy tone for the Danish WordPress meetup held in the lovely Advice Digital office, thanks to the wonderful RenĂ©. We had an agenda, but the main agenda is really “meet and ask your questions”. We had a round of introductions where attendees stated their problem or their skill set. After that, we could move around to help each other accordingly. We had a speaker scheduled, but when he was delayed, the power of “let’s just mingle and help each other out” came into effect. As usual, some were WordPress novices and some had never blogged previously – in other words, all levels of experience were present – and welcome! The Main Event – hacking the sandbox Tore Vesterby, our scheduled speaker, arrived and proceeded to dazzle with his tricks in the sandbox. The sandbox theme, to be…


WordPress DK Meetup July 12 – Yay!

It’s time to stay indoors on a glorious day and geek out over WordPress. Yay! WordPress DK has the announcement and program, but you have to go to Upcoming to register. Don’t be shy if you are a non-Danish-speaking WordPress fan in the neighborhood that day. The announcement might be in Danish, but everyone can speak English. Blog, tweet, spread the word. These get-togethers are an excellent support for WordPress users. For those reading this from a location too far away to make attendance possible, have you considered starting your own meetup for your area? Saying it’s worth it is a bit of an understatement. Try it!

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