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Tag: musings

Pay it forward

I am a fan of sharing information and knowledge. Maybe that is why I enjoy the field of technical communication? It feels natural to share a snippet of knowledge or experience that I have gained. One specific example of this happened earlier this year. A person respected in the technical communication community asked for more experienced technical communicators to meet with some of his students to share stories of career journeys and life experiences in this field. I volunteered right away. We were all matched up with a student who would interview us. I had no idea what to expect, but I can talk and I have opinions! (Insert image of countless heads nodding vigourously at the talking part.) A student contacted me soon after, and we arranged a meeting. They ran the interview, and I “just talked”. It was a pleasant experience, and they seemed quite satisfied with the…

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My Favorite Tree

Each year, I swoon with delight at the scene in my backyard. After a long winter with bare branches, the tree in the backyard puts out tiny buds of a delicate green. If the sun is out and the temperature is warm, the tree fast-forwards to an explosion of white blossoms. No green is visible, just the white blossoms. I have never learned the name of the tree, and I have never tried to look it up. I don’t need to know its name because I know its beauty. Corny, but true. Perhaps my delight comes from knowing the winter coats and boots can truly be packed away for a season. Or knowing that the days are longer with more sunlight to give energy to so many ideas and activities. It’s definitely a sign that this bear is coming out of hibernation. Hello, glorious spring! When the blossoms disappear, I…


Death and Your Online World

Yes, this is a morbid topic, but we need to talk about it. There was a time when people stayed in one place their entire life. Everyone you ever knew was most likely in that same place. The world of an individual probably knew in full when that individual drew his or her last breath. Now we move about, but more importantly, we are in contact with people all over the world. What happens when a person with global contacts dies? How do other people learn about this event? The Idea Behind This Blog Post I started to write this post one year ago. The idea came to me about seven years ago when I was exchanging emails with a friend in another country. He travelled a lot as an independent consultant and spent much time away from his family. This was in the pre-Twitter, pre-TripIt, pre-Facebook, pre-all-sorts-of-social-networking-applications days. I…