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Technical Communication and Inclusion

After lots of sweat and tears, but no blood, I posted my presentation from #a11yldn and #tcuk10 on Slideshare.

Unfortunately, the notes don’t show up as I thought they would. Because this presentation is not a normal presentation, the notes are crucial. I describe how to caption videos on YouTube and give a brief walk-through of the PDF accessibility checker in Adobe Acrobat. Those notes say it all, so I will have to break out those elements into blog posts, or do something that will make the notes visible. Of course, you can download a copy of the PowerPoint presentation to view my notes, but I wish the Slideshare notes worked. The message is too crucial to hide!

PS The sweat and (almost) tears came from reworking these slides 3 times! The first set became corrupted somehow and I had to re-do everything. That was so bad. Then, just as everything was finished and just before uploading to Slideshare, I managed to overwrite the slides with an older, obsolete copy. Sheer clumsiness. Sigh! I was upset about losing all the smart phrases I had prepared for my notes. I had to try and recall from memory what exactly I had written. I comforted myself with the thought of wabi-sabi. That is a phrase I have picked up from Simon Bostock after his “wabi-sabi” presentation at #tcuk10. In other words, my presentation will be unfinished. I send it out to you, dear reader, and we can continue this conversation. I didn’t need to make the polished, final version (that I thought I had in the forever vanished version) because then what would we have to talk about?

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