Another birthday, little blog!

It’s been two years since this blog was born.

Happy birthday, little blog!

The quantity of posts has not rocked the blogosphere, but oh well. I like knowing it is here to record my writings when I do get the chance. Lately, I have been pulled in other directions (again). For a long time, I have been blogging elsewhere. When I finish work and then other blogging and then other tasks, well, it doesn’t leave much time for my personal writing.

Where have I been blogging?

Over at And the STC AccessAbility SIG blog.

I started twittering in early November for the STC AccessAbility SIG. I got so hooked that about a week later, I started twittering on my own.

My love of WordPress had me say yes to help get the STC Europe SIG site up and running on a WordPress installation. That got hairy! We had to do a domain transfer and ISP transfer, and even though things were friendly all around, those things take time. To top things off, I launched that site just as WordPress 2.7 came out. Something went wonky, and the back-end looks horrendous. Might be a missing file. I must get that fixed ASAP so others in the SIG group can also post entries, and so I can move beyond the standard theme. But…

In the meantime, my computer started behaving badly. Perhaps it was old age. I don’t know. After gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands, old faithful had to go. Not before a little mind-meld to get the data transferred to…. my new iMac. Yes, I have crossed over – some will say to the dark side. I say to a new adventure. My husband still has his PC, so there is plenty to drive this geek crazy.

With the holiday season in full swing and time off work, I expect to catch up on many overdue tasks, such as my work with STC (where I am SIG Advocate and more) and my ongoing dust-bunny battle. As well as tweeting and blogging somewhere – but hopefully more frequently here. I do have notes from recent activities that I need to blog, but right now, I just wanted to send a birthday greeting here before I head for the kitchen and some nice hot chocolate! 🙂

3 responses to “Another birthday, little blog!”

  1. Congratulations and many happy returns. As one of your colleagues in the STC SIG Leaders group and the STC Europe SIG management team, I want to thank you for your hard work and dedication as a volunteer for the STC. People like you are the life-blood of membership organisations and we all know how lucky we are to have you as a colleague. Congratulations to you and your blog, and long may we all benefit from your wise words, thoughtful insight and generous contributions of time and effort!

  2. David, Rhonda – you are both very sweet to stop by with your congratulations! I wish I could offer you some cake – because I’d really like some sweets right now. Oh well, I should have planned my shopping more carefully. 🙂

    I finally got the problem with the backend of the STC Europe SIG blog cleared up so I feel a bit more deserving of your kind words, David. It was starting to haunt me!

    The great thing about STC is that I get to know very talented people like you two!