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I’m tweeting

Yes, I tweet. On November 12, 2008, I joined Twitter and began to chirp with everyone else in Twitterville. Twitter is often called microblogging, that is, short posts of maximum 140 characters. I’ll let the Common Craft show explain Twitter in Plain English. You can find me on Twitter as @kmdk. Actually, my debut on Twitter was November 2, 2008 with @stcaccess. It was a move to promote the


Another birthday, little blog!

It’s been two years since this blog was born. Happy birthday, little blog! The quantity of posts has not rocked the blogosphere, but oh well. I like knowing it is here to record my writings when I do get the chance. Lately, I have been pulled in other directions (again). For a long time, I have been blogging elsewhere. When I finish work and then other blogging and then other tasks, well, it doesn’t leave much time for my personal writing. Where have I been blogging? Over at And the STC AccessAbility SIG blog. I started twittering in early November for the STC AccessAbility SIG. I got so hooked that about a week later, I started twittering on my own. My love of WordPress had me say yes to help get the STC Europe SIG site up and running on a WordPress installation. That got hairy! We had to…


Open letter to all technical communicators out there

Are you a technical communicator? If you are not sure, here are some examples of people within the technical communication field: Accessibility analysts, content developers, documentation specialists, indexers, information architects, information designers, instructional designers, localization specialists, policies and procedures specialists, researchers, teachers, technical illustrators, technical writers, technical editors, translators, usability and human factors professionals, visual designers, and Web designers and developers. The list goes on. Why I am writing to technical communicators? There has never been a more important time for us to stay connected and work together to advance our careers and profession. One valuable way to stay connected is through an organization like STC, the Society for Technical Communication. As I state on my site, I belong to STC, and I am quite active in STC. I feel that my STC membership has been a real boost to my career, and I would like to see more technical…

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