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In which I rant about Twitter and quoted tweets

I am so annoyed with Twitter’s changes to the quoted tweet that I actually decided to write a blog post about it! I posted a mild rant on Twitter the other day about the change to quoting a tweet: What is with the new quote style on #Twitter iOS app? Is quoted tweet an image?? If yes, that’s bad for accessibility. If you view that link, you will see a long discussion mostly in Danish. From my other account, @accesstechcomm, I retweeted my mild rant. There, I got a reply from @patrick_h_lauke where he said it IS announced reasonably using VO (though getting some funky focus/context issues it seems), so not just image Funky seems to be an inappropriate word to use with a user experience. (VO is VoiceOver, the built-in (built-in!!) screenreader on Apple products.) It was a relief to find @aardrian’s blog post about the quoted tweet thing…

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My Twitter mosaic

Wow. I am becoming a model of one of those people who neglect their blogs for Twitter. Sorry, little blog. I didn’t even blog on my birthday. The fact is – I have too much to do in my life, and I really need to re-evaluate and re-prioritize. While I ponder my life, Twitter skips along. I can access Twitter on my iPhone or on applications on my desktop. The information coming from my Twitter accounts is easily digested. I can follow comments from the sidelines while doing my work, throwing in my own remarks on occasion. I use Twitter for those in-between chunks of time. When I am really bogged down with work or problems, Twitter provides a small glimpse into the real world of my real-life and virtual friends. You could say it is a little reality check with their 140-character comments sharing a joke or reminding me…


I’m tweeting

Yes, I tweet. On November 12, 2008, I joined Twitter and began to chirp with everyone else in Twitterville. Twitter is often called microblogging, that is, short posts of maximum 140 characters. I’ll let the Common Craft show explain Twitter in Plain English. You can find me on Twitter as @kmdk. Actually, my debut on Twitter was November 2, 2008 with @stcaccess. It was a move to promote the