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Happy birthday, little blog!

Actually, the birthday celebration should have been on the 23rd of this month. That’s when this blog was born.

I know this second year in the blogosphere will be filled with more blogging here. I have started blogging (in Danish) over at the Webgrrls blog and the Morgendagens Heltinder blog. Enjoy my writing over there – if you can read Danish! Suddenly, with all these outlets for my writing energy, the job becomes addicting. I remember that I can blog, and the thought of blogging becomes more natural and second nature. Of course, forgetfulness can still sneak in. I just discovered I have a completed draft for a blog that I never published. Don’t know how I got sidetracked, but I did. I’ll save it for another day. Right now, a birthday celebration, even a belated one, does call for a close look at, say, Desserts to Die For, right? 🙂

Image of Desserts to Die For cookbook


  1. Les Potter
    Les Potter 3 January 2008


    May I please add my congratulations to your blog’s anniversary. I’ve read it, and I like it. You have a unique perspective. I will be a regular visitor.

    From a scan of your topics, I believe that we are interested in many of the same things. That will make hanging out with you in the Blogosphere all the more fun.

    My blog will be one year old on January 23, 2008. Blogging has been an incredible experience. I love it.

    My other social media passion is Facebook. Are you on Facebook? If so, I’d like to be your Facebook friend. If not, I’ll send you an invitation for you to explore the fun and games of Facebook.

    Happy 2008, Karen. I am so happy to have made this connection.

    Les Potter
    Vienna, Virginia, USA

  2. Karen
    Karen 3 January 2008

    Thanks for stopping by, Les. It’s an honor to have “met” you here – and now on Facebook! 🙂

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