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Hmmm. I look like I am falling behind in my blogging. Or am I? Deadlines or blogging frequencies are set by me. There are also things like work deadlines, and they have a tendency to get a higher priority with me. 🙂

I have not really had time to ponder and speculate so much about deep, profound technical communication topics, whatever those topics might be. Work and life have definitely been in the fast lane lately, resulting in a humdinger of a cold (which is also not helpful to one’s blogging ambitions).

The truth is that I have been blogging – elsewhere. I’m a regular on the blog, so if topics come up in the Danish IT world, it is much easier to continue the discussion there, in Danish.

Christmas holidays are coming up, so perhaps I’ll get caught up with my blogging ideas there, as well as everything else on my to-do list!

In the meantime, check out my bookmarks. They are always worth viewing, if I say so myself. Any links that I find valuable for myself or my world wide network get posted there. Of course, I still have a backlog of bookmarks that I have not posted yet…