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Month: December 2007

Happy birthday, little blog!

Actually, the birthday celebration should have been on the 23rd of this month. That’s when this blog was born. I know this second year in the blogosphere will be filled with more blogging here. I have started blogging (in Danish) over at the Webgrrls blog and the Morgendagens Heltinder blog. Enjoy my writing over there – if you can read Danish! Suddenly, with all these outlets for my writing energy, the job becomes addicting. I remember that I can blog, and the thought of blogging becomes more natural and second nature. Of course, forgetfulness can still sneak in. I just discovered I have a completed draft for a blog that I never published. Don’t know how I got sidetracked, but I did. I’ll save it for another day. Right now, a birthday celebration, even a belated one, does call for a close look at, say, Desserts to Die For, right?…



Hmmm. I look like I am falling behind in my blogging. Or am I? Deadlines or blogging frequencies are set by me. There are also things like work deadlines, and they have a tendency to get a higher priority with me. 🙂 I have not really had time to ponder and speculate so much about deep, profound technical communication topics, whatever those topics might be. Work and life have definitely been in the fast lane lately, resulting in a humdinger of a cold (which is also not helpful to one’s blogging ambitions). The truth is that I have been blogging – elsewhere. I’m a regular on the blog, so if topics come up in the Danish IT world, it is much easier to continue the discussion there, in Danish. Christmas holidays are coming up, so perhaps I’ll get caught up with my blogging ideas there, as well as everything…

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Reverence for books

I promised Mr. Fooh Ling to elaborate on how I feel about books, due to a comment in an earlier entry where I revealed unknown truths about myself. Books are small creatures looking for a home and someone to care for them. In many cases, they are jewels so precious, they take your breath away. That probably sums up what I feel. Maybe that is why I have so many on my shelves and overflowing into boxes and stacks on the floor, complicating the rare vacuum cleaner excursions through the house. They all needed a home, and I was willing to give them one. On my bookshelf, there is a Danish book written in 1922 by Knud Poulsen called Breve fra Danmark. I have not read it all, just one of the chapters. It seems to be just like the title says: letters from Denmark. Probably a series of musings…

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