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Reverence for books

I promised Mr. Fooh Ling to elaborate on how I feel about books, due to a comment in an earlier entry where I revealed unknown truths about myself. Books are small creatures looking for a home and someone to care for them. In many cases, they are jewels so precious, they take your breath away. That probably sums up what I feel. Maybe that is why I have so many on my shelves and overflowing into boxes and stacks on the floor, complicating the rare vacuum cleaner excursions through the house. They all needed a home, and I was willing to give them one. On my bookshelf, there is a Danish book written in 1922 by Knud Poulsen called Breve fra Danmark. I have not read it all, just one of the chapters. It seems to be just like the title says: letters from Denmark. Probably a series of musings…

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Scared to write?

I feel timorous about writing this blog entry. I’ve just come home from a get-together with my writing group, I have the urge to write, I can feel the words and ideas jostling for attention in my my mind, but . . . dare I actually write when I know they can read these words? I met two new members tonight, and it is the awe I have for their talent that causes my nervousness. Despite those feelings, I continue to write this entry. I enjoy the process of writing, the creativity, the search for the right word or phrase to convey the idea that I wish to communicate to the world. Writing shouldn’t be an issue on my very own blog! A blog means that the writing is public, so there is a chance that the other writers will read it. What will happen then? Perhaps the real excitement…


Styling your writing

I still subscribe to newsletters, and one in particular that I enjoy is the one from the Chicago Manual of Style team. The newsletter permits you to forward and repost the message, so I will do so here. The newsletter is mostly a list of the most recent questions submitted to the team. Many of the questions are quite useful, but it is the answers that are sometimes quite delightful. Obviously some clever people there! Here are this month’s questions: The Chicago Manual of Style Web site has just been updated with answers to the following new questions: Q. I am having a dispute with a local store regarding the wording of their return policy. Q. Is footnote numbering allowed in an index along with a page number? Q. I’m trying to find a definitive answer to whether an inanimate object can take the possessive form. Q. Does the following…

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