Month: March 2007

  • Helvetica: The Movie

    OK, for a typography fan like me, this movie is a must. Helvetica. Yes, a movie about the type face, Helvetica. Looks like I will have to wait a while to see the film here in Denmark. No screenings are scheduled as of this posting. Oh well. I am on the mailing list, so I […]

  • Color me accessible

    Perception of color might be a forgotten or neglected disability. Some people notice or think about disabilities only when they are quite apparent, such as someone in a wheelchair or someone using a white cane when walking down the street. When you know that someone can see, you don’t immediately think that they might perceive […]

  • Left thumb blogging

    Glenda Watson-Hyatt writes a blog that discusses Web accessibility (among other things). With her left thumb. Glenda has cerebral palsy. I discovered Glenda in a Box of Chocolates. She was visiting Derek Featherstone’s site on her virtual book tour (excellent creative idea), and Derek posed four questions to her. Here is one of them: We […]