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What are blogs and wikis?

When I am asked that question, as I was today, I always try to de-mystify blogs and wikis by saying that they are still websites, only slightly different. I have heard questions at seminars from people who seemed to think that blogs and wikis were new, exotic toys that required more learning and more work and more bother – which did not make them happy. That’s why I go for de-mystifying, especially in casual conversation. Blogs and wikis are still websites. Maybe they are just not ordinary websites … For the short answer, go to what is probably the most famous wiki, Wikipedia, to get a quick explanation of a blog and a wiki that goes a bit beyond my “just websites” explanation. That’s all there is to it. Bye. Well… there is a bit more. The longer answer Blogs and wikis can take writing for a website, or web…


Sunshine and

Every time the group gets together in Denmark, the sun shines from a gorgeous blue sky. I would have thought that the plan was to have rain so that people would want to stay indoors. Despite this mix-up with the Danish Meteorological Institute, WordPress fans flocked to the wonderful meeting facilities at Advice (thanks, RenĂ©!). Who cares about sunshine when you can mingle with your WordPress buddies? After an unplanned and long pause in my blogging activities, it is only fitting that a WordPress meetup got me back in the blogging saddle again. In fact, that was the topic I discussed at the meeting. Our get-togethers are lovely organized chaos, but it is still nice to have a starting point. This means that any members reading this can start thinking about what they might be able to present at our next get-together. Hey! If I can babble about…


Tagging heaven

I think I discovered the use of tags when I started to use It was so nice to be able to give more than one category or characterization to something. For an information addict like myself, it was the perfect solution for keeping track of all the snippets in my information horde. Ever since I learned about the possibilities with combining categories and tags for blog posts, I have been eager to implement tags on my blog. The idea is that you have fewer categories, but more tags. The two-level taxonomy is supposed to give you more flexibility and avoid a long, long category list on your blog page. Definitely a good thing in my opinion! To get these tags for my blog posts, I wanted to add the Ultimate Tag Warrior plug-in to this blog. There was no version for the WordPress 2.1 that I had installed, and…

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