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Sunshine and

Every time the group gets together in Denmark, the sun shines from a gorgeous blue sky. I would have thought that the plan was to have rain so that people would want to stay indoors. Despite this mix-up with the Danish Meteorological Institute, WordPress fans flocked to the wonderful meeting facilities at Advice (thanks, René!). Who cares about sunshine when you can mingle with your WordPress buddies?

After an unplanned and long pause in my blogging activities, it is only fitting that a WordPress meetup got me back in the blogging saddle again. In fact, that was the topic I discussed at the meeting. Our get-togethers are lovely organized chaos, but it is still nice to have a starting point. This means that any members reading this can start thinking about what they might be able to present at our next get-together. Hey! If I can babble about blogging, so can you!

What did I babble about? I discussed my personal blogging career that was launched less than a year ago. My focus was for newbies like me – why blog at all, how frequently should you blog, what focus should the blog have, and so on. I was inspired by a recent podcast from Boagworld, where a listener asked about blogging (why, how much, etc.), so just go listen to that podcast, and you will get an idea of what I discussed. People chimed in with comments, and as usual, we had a good discussion. What I didn’t point out, but which would be obvious to all participants in today’s meeting: it is great to have a blogging support group like 🙂

There were so many goodies (goodies being exciting discussions) today that I cannot begin to report them all now. More goodies are recorded at where, of course, there are links to other blog reports.

I’ll just close with a link to a real goodie: a new tool/application? for podcasters over at Podhandle. Karin Høgh was showing this to a few people, and I insisted that she show it up on the screen for everyone to see. Go poke around the links on I think there is some interesting potential in this kind of aggregation.

It’s nice to be blogging again. 🙂


  1. René
    René 8 October 2007

    … and it’s good to have you back 🙂

  2. Karen
    Karen 8 October 2007

    What nice comments! Thanks! Definitely motivating. 🙂

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