Month: April 2007

  • How dangerous is the life of a technical writer?

    Sitting in front of the computer day in, day out. Sounds pretty boring and harmless, right? Think again. The Content Wrangler has an interesting article about the health complications that can arise from a lack of balance between work and exercise. The article’s author, Martha Tucker, discusses what happened when she was working on her […]

  • Tagging heaven

    I think I discovered the use of tags when I started to use It was so nice to be able to give more than one category or characterization to something. For an information addict like myself, it was the perfect solution for keeping track of all the snippets in my information horde. Ever since […]

  • The Frustrating Side of Podcast Listening

    I love podcasts, but some can be so frustrating. The “some” I am talking about are those where a lecture or presentation was recorded. With a simple Q&A session, the problem is the speaker not repeating the question from the audience. Repeating the question is good practice anyway, as pointed out by Ken Molay in […]