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Motivations for Web accessibility

How did you get into Web accessibility? Roger Johansson asks that question over at 456 Berea Street, inspired by Ian Lloyd asking the same question at the blog. I find all the answers to both posts interesting and educational. There are many valuable tips in these stories. If you are curious about Web accessibility, read them. You may find a story that resonates with you and inspires you to dig deeper. I am not a Web designer or developer. I consider myself more of an advocate. I try to keep up with the topics of accessibility and usability out here on the periphery, and quietly evangelize about their benefits to whoever I meet. Growing up with a mother who worked as a special needs teacher made me regard accessibility as something natural, almost to be taken for granted. When I had the opportunity to join the AccessAbility SIG of…

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Making Accessible Tables for Your Website

Have you ever had trouble trying to code accessible tables on your Web site? I could never remember the codes myself. I always needed to have Mike Paciello‘s book, Web Accessibility for People with Disabilities opened up to the pages with all the codes for making accessible tables. Now Frank Palinkas has made a practical tool for anyone who is trying to learn how to code accessible tables. In the Fast Track Tutorials section, there is a tutorial called Creating Accessible Tabular Data Tables. One nice advantage is that you can simply copy the code from his tutorial and paste it into your HTML editor to prepare the correct code. (Paste it into the code-view.) If you are brand new to standards and accessibility and wonder what accessible tables are, then Frank’s tutorial is definitely for you. He made the tutorial as a demonstration of web standards and accessibility methods…