Month: February 2007

  • Copyediting tips

    After sharing this tip with two people in two days, I realized it’s time to share this tip on the blog. For all your copyediting needs, join the Copyediting-L discussion list. This great list can help you out of struggles with convoluted sentences, elusive words, ghastly syntax, and so on. For the writer struggling alone […]

  • Accessibility and the law

    The Digital Web Magazine led me to the article, Computer-based exam discriminated against blind candidate. A blind IT project manager who wanted to gain certification in project management did not have an accessible version of the computer-based exam made available to her by the company that provides the exam. Proceedings have been brought against the […]

  • Communication for improvement and growth

    Many, many years ago, the managing director of the company where I worked accused me of being disloyal to said company. I had participated as technical secretary in a regularly scheduled meeting with all the technical managers where we had the usual agenda of evaluating or planning past, current, and future projects or events. A […]