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My Twitter mosaic

Wow. I am becoming a model of one of those people who neglect their blogs for Twitter. Sorry, little blog. I didn’t even blog on my birthday. The fact is – I have too much to do in my life, and I really need to re-evaluate and re-prioritize. While I ponder my life, Twitter skips along. I can access Twitter on my iPhone or on applications on my desktop. The information coming from my Twitter accounts is easily digested. I can follow comments from the sidelines while doing my work, throwing in my own remarks on occasion. I use Twitter for those in-between chunks of time.

When I am really bogged down with work or problems, Twitter provides a small glimpse into the real world of my real-life and virtual friends. You could say it is a little reality check with their 140-character comments sharing a joke or reminding me that I am not the only one struggling with at the moment.

In honor of those people (tweeple??), I give you my current Twitter mosaic, courtesy of This mosaic is a collection of the icons for my Twitter friends’ Twitter account icons. (You can also make a mosaic from your Twitter followers.)

Get your twitter mosaic here.


  1. Paul Sherman
    Paul Sherman 5 April 2009

    I’m having the same issue since I started using Twitter in December. My productivity at Usabilityblog has gone wayyy down.

  2. Karen
    Karen 5 April 2009

    Coming to my own defense – I have access to Twitter through my iPhone or desktop apps. That means I can keep up with Twitter in those “in-between” periods. Other things, like blogs, take longer chunks of time. I can look like I have oceans of time to participate in Twitter, but I am actually filling in tiny slices of time that I couldn’t easily use for anything else. Letting the creative juices flow in a blog or other spare-time activities seems to be happening too rarely these days. Right now, plans for the STC Technical Summit are filling up my spare time. After the summit, I hope to return to a semi-normal life that may just benefit my little blog!

    PS Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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