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Tagging heaven

I think I discovered the use of tags when I started to use It was so nice to be able to give more than one category or characterization to something. For an information addict like myself, it was the perfect solution for keeping track of all the snippets in my information horde. Ever since I learned about the possibilities with combining categories and tags for blog posts, I have been eager to implement tags on my blog. The idea is that you have fewer categories, but more tags. The two-level taxonomy is supposed to give you more flexibility and avoid a long, long category list on your blog page. Definitely a good thing in my opinion! To get these tags for my blog posts, I wanted to add the Ultimate Tag Warrior plug-in to this blog. There was no version for the WordPress 2.1 that I had installed, and…

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WordPress meetup in Copenhagen

This is my first attempt at live blogging, and on someone else’s laptop, which is always tricky. As a newbie blogger, I find it all quite exciting. You can see pictures over on Lisa Risager’s blog. There is no specific agenda. People are just chatting with old friends. Others have put sticky notes on their laptops to indicate what topics interest them. It’s great to walk around and read these topics. Someone is converting from another system to WordPress, but I can’t help there, so I move on. I met two newbies who suddenly made me feel experienced with my two-month-old blog. I could even show one of them something about themes, which made me feel that I was finally a contributor, and not just a taker. What have I learned? Well, I was puzzled about the difference between trackbacks and pingbacks. Very nice Philip from gave me some…


Mouseless Firefox

Are you using Firefox as your browser? Read on. From the blog, I learned that Mark Pilgrim made a nice extension to Firefox so you can tab to your bookmark toolbar. Very nice. I am still not fluent in all the commands and other mouse-avoiding shortcuts in Firefox. The Firefox help lists many keyboard shortcuts, and there is more Firefox accessibility information in the MozillaZine knowledge base. What really improved my use of commands was a post by Derek Featherstone back in November. The Ctrl+K to get to the search box, and the Ctrl+arrow up or Ctrl+arrow down was a browser breakthrough for me. Not using Firefox? Hop over to Firefox and download! It’s my preferred browser, although I do have Internet Explorer and Opera installed for checking the way browsers display a particular site, and for generally staying in touch with the various options out there.

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