What are blogs and wikis?

When I am asked that question, as I was today, I always try to de-mystify blogs and wikis by saying that they are still websites, only slightly different. I have heard questions at seminars from people who seemed to think that blogs and wikis were new, exotic toys that required more learning and more work […]

The Frustrating Side of Podcast Listening

I love podcasts, but some can be so frustrating. The “some” I am talking about are those where a lecture or presentation was recorded. With a simple Q&A session, the problem is the speaker not repeating the question from the audience. Repeating the question is good practice anyway, as pointed out by Ken Molay in […]

Mouseless Firefox

Are you using Firefox as your browser? Read on. From the Accessify.com blog, I learned that Mark Pilgrim made a nice extension to Firefox so you can tab to your bookmark toolbar. Very nice. I am still not fluent in all the commands and other mouse-avoiding shortcuts in Firefox. The Firefox help lists many keyboard […]