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What are blogs and wikis?

When I am asked that question, as I was today, I always try to de-mystify blogs and wikis by saying that they are still websites, only slightly different. I have heard questions at seminars from people who seemed to think that blogs and wikis were new, exotic toys that required more learning and more work and more bother – which did not make them happy. That’s why I go for de-mystifying, especially in casual conversation. Blogs and wikis are still websites. Maybe they are just not ordinary websites … For the short answer, go to what is probably the most famous wiki, Wikipedia, to get a quick explanation of a blog and a wiki that goes a bit beyond my “just websites” explanation. That’s all there is to it. Bye. Well… there is a bit more. The longer answer Blogs and wikis can take writing for a website, or web…


The Frustrating Side of Podcast Listening

I love podcasts, but some can be so frustrating. The “some” I am talking about are those where a lecture or presentation was recorded. With a simple Q&A session, the problem is the speaker not repeating the question from the audience. Repeating the question is good practice anyway, as pointed out by Ken Molay in a recent webinar. For the questioner, it is proof that the speaker comprehended the question. For podcast listeners, the question gets heard! Any dialog in the audience during the Q&A is often lost on the podcast listener. Here I can understand that it is difficult for the speaker to repeat all the ideas discussed between two or more people in the audience. If audience participation through dialog is a big part of the event being recorded, I think more microphones are called for. In some ways, that might be why it is nice to leave…


Mouseless Firefox

Are you using Firefox as your browser? Read on. From the blog, I learned that Mark Pilgrim made a nice extension to Firefox so you can tab to your bookmark toolbar. Very nice. I am still not fluent in all the commands and other mouse-avoiding shortcuts in Firefox. The Firefox help lists many keyboard shortcuts, and there is more Firefox accessibility information in the MozillaZine knowledge base. What really improved my use of commands was a post by Derek Featherstone back in November. The Ctrl+K to get to the search box, and the Ctrl+arrow up or Ctrl+arrow down was a browser breakthrough for me. Not using Firefox? Hop over to Firefox and download! It’s my preferred browser, although I do have Internet Explorer and Opera installed for checking the way browsers display a particular site, and for generally staying in touch with the various options out there.

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