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Tag: personal

Happy birthday, little blog!

Actually, the birthday celebration should have been on the 23rd of this month. That’s when this blog was born. I know this second year in the blogosphere will be filled with more blogging here. I have started blogging (in Danish) over at the Webgrrls blog and the Morgendagens Heltinder blog. Enjoy my writing over there – if you can read Danish! Suddenly, with all these outlets for my writing energy, the job becomes addicting. I remember that I can blog, and the thought of blogging becomes more natural and second nature. Of course, forgetfulness can still sneak in. I just discovered I have a completed draft for a blog that I never published. Don’t know how I got sidetracked, but I did. I’ll save it for another day. Right now, a birthday celebration, even a belated one, does call for a close look at, say, Desserts to Die For, right?…


While I was sleeping, I got tagged

Well, I haven’t been off sleeping, but while I wasn’t actively blogging, I got tagged from waaay down under. Thanks, Rhonda – I think? Now I need to find 8 things to say about myself that few people know about. Hmmm. I once spent the night on a mountain top in Nepal. Two friends and I followed some villagers up the mountain near our parked bus, probably about 50 km west of Katmandu. We were invited to follow, but when we realized it was getting late, we thought we should head back down the mountain before it got too dark. We knew there was a slippery trail that had a nasty drop to a tiny river with big rocks… We didn’t make it. Back down the hill, that is. The villagers had not wanted us to leave because they knew we wouldn’t make it in time before dark. So we…