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Tag: musings

A muse for the new year

A new day. A new year. This is like receiving a new notebook or a new pad of paper! Joy! I know there is lots of work waiting for me when I get back to my job tomorrow. Over the coming days, the quantity of grey hairs may increase, and choice, blog-unfriendly words may cross my lips, or at least, be uttered in my head as I face deadlines and dig through my tasks. Despite the occasional (well, maybe not so occasional) moment of Utter Grouchiness caused by these tasks, I am, at heart, an optimist, and I do look forward to the whatever challenges I encounter in 2008. My excitement is due to a recent addition to my writing toolkit. I found a wonderful muse! As an appetizer, look at how she bids farewell to 2007. Or read how she greets the new year. Next, dig in with the…


Reverence for books

I promised Mr. Fooh Ling to elaborate on how I feel about books, due to a comment in an earlier entry where I revealed unknown truths about myself. Books are small creatures looking for a home and someone to care for them. In many cases, they are jewels so precious, they take your breath away. That probably sums up what I feel. Maybe that is why I have so many on my shelves and overflowing into boxes and stacks on the floor, complicating the rare vacuum cleaner excursions through the house. They all needed a home, and I was willing to give them one. On my bookshelf, there is a Danish book written in 1922 by Knud Poulsen called Breve fra Danmark. I have not read it all, just one of the chapters. It seems to be just like the title says: letters from Denmark. Probably a series of musings…

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