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Month: January 2011

Death and Your Online World

Yes, this is a morbid topic, but we need to talk about it. There was a time when people stayed in one place their entire life. Everyone you ever knew was most likely in that same place. The world of an individual probably knew in full when that individual drew his or her last breath. Now we move about, but more importantly, we are in contact with people all over the world. What happens when a person with global contacts dies? How do other people learn about this event? The Idea Behind This Blog Post I started to write this post one year ago. The idea came to me about seven years ago when I was exchanging emails with a friend in another country. He travelled a lot as an independent consultant and spent much time away from his family. This was in the pre-Twitter, pre-TripIt, pre-Facebook, pre-all-sorts-of-social-networking-applications days. I…


Getting My Drupal Geek On at #GGMCPH

Saturday morning means sleeping late. But not today. Today was set aside for learning about Drupal. We met in the Berlingske Media building in downtown Copenhagen for a Geek Girl Meetup Drupal workshop. Doors opened at 10 and the workshop started at 11. (It was critical to have that 1 hour for meeting, networking, coffee-and-tea-drinking, and into-place-settling. We didn’t have that at the November Geek Girl Meetup, and that was a mistake. Take note out there. I digress.) Open Source and Community Amelia Berkeley and Isabell Schulz opened with a presentation about Open Source Software and the Drupal Community. They made so many great points, but find out for yourself – here’s the presentation: Intro to Drupal for Geek Girls I’m keen on this community thing, so I really liked this presentation. The community aspect is what intrigues me most about Drupal. They have the saying: Come for the code,…


How to Expand Your Mind, Part 365

In 2010, I took lots of pictures and posted them to Flickr. There was a method to my madness: it was called Project 365 – taking one photo a day for one year. The only goals I had were to take one photo a day – and to become more familiar with my little Sony T200 Cybershot. (Yeah, yeah, there’s an instruction manual, but it’s not very user-friendly. I keep planning to write my own version, but I digress….) The year, or the 365 days, didn’t have to follow the calendar year 100 %, I told myself as I started on January 2. At first, I was very strict with myself about the other rule. I had to take a photo each day. If I was home all day, I would get a bit desperate as midnight approached. The advice you find on the web for this photo-a-day project says…

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