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How to Expand Your Mind, Part 365

In 2010, I took lots of pictures and posted them to Flickr. There was a method to my madness: it was called Project 365 – taking one photo a day for one year. The only goals I had were to take one photo a day – and to become more familiar with my little Sony T200 Cybershot. (Yeah, yeah, there’s an instruction manual, but it’s not very user-friendly. I keep planning to write my own version, but I digress….) The year, or the 365 days, didn’t have to follow the calendar year 100 %, I told myself as I started on January 2. At first, I was very strict with myself about the other rule. I had to take a photo each day. If I was home all day, I would get a bit desperate as midnight approached. The advice you find on the web for this photo-a-day project says…

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The joy of sharing ideas

I don’t understand what Holger Bech Nielsen, the theoretical physicist, talks about. However, I gladly listened to him talk many years ago. Twice. Why? I am not a physicist. I have not attended any physics classes at school. That doesn’t matter. You don’t need schooling to recognize the barely contained excitement in someone who wants to share ideas. I remember how he could hardly stand still because he was bursting with all that he wanted to tell us. The audience was a group of Mensans at their annual gathering. The location was a campground with barracks owned by some church for their own get-togethers. Holger spoke in the only place available – a whitewashed, wooden church building. He became desperate to draw illustrations of what he was telling us. We could only find some white A4 paper and a purple marker. Volunteers taped the paper to the wall and Holger…

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