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Getting Down and Dirty with Accessibility and Usability – #TCUK12 Workshop

These are the notes from my workshop on 2 October 2012 at the Technical Communication UK (TCUK) 2012 conference. I called it “Getting Down and Dirty with Accessibility and Usability”. Unlike the slides for my keynote presentation at the same conference, the slides in this workshop were text heavy. (Slides are at the bottom of this post.) They were meant as notes – talking points – for the workshop. Each slide covers areas where technical communicators can begin to apply accessibility and usability right away. The workshop was called hands-on, but I ended up talking for most of the session because many attended out of curiosity and had no actual projects for hands-on practice. There were many great discussions and questions and answers during the 2.5 hours of the workshop. (If any my TCUK12 workshop attendees come to TCUK13 and want to discuss accessibility “hands-on”, we can always hack in…


Getting My Drupal Geek On at #GGMCPH

Saturday morning means sleeping late. But not today. Today was set aside for learning about Drupal. We met in the Berlingske Media building in downtown Copenhagen for a Geek Girl Meetup Drupal workshop. Doors opened at 10 and the workshop started at 11. (It was critical to have that 1 hour for meeting, networking, coffee-and-tea-drinking, and into-place-settling. We didn’t have that at the November Geek Girl Meetup, and that was a mistake. Take note out there. I digress.) Open Source and Community Amelia Berkeley and Isabell Schulz opened with a presentation about Open Source Software and the Drupal Community. They made so many great points, but find out for yourself – here’s the presentation: Intro to Drupal for Geek Girls I’m keen on this community thing, so I really liked this presentation. The community aspect is what intrigues me most about Drupal. They have the saying: Come for the code,…