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What I did on World Usability Day 2008

I took the Global Transport Challenge and tested my carbon footprint, and I got my brain cells nicely stimulated with 2 seminars. I also discovered once more that I really should get much more training with my camera…. I learned that my carbon footprint for my transport to and from work is 1.2 kg. That covers walking to the station from my home, taking the metro, switching to a train, then walking from the station to my office. If your carbon footprint needs improvement, the Global Transport Challenge provides many tips about getting from here to there in a more eco-friendly manner. While taking the Global Transport Challenge for WUD2008, I discovered a usability issue: how were you supposed to measure the distances for walking, bicycling, driving, and so on? OK, the car has an odometer, but who thinks about distance in a bus or a train? With those forms…

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Taking the Global Transport Challenge on World Usability Day 2008

It’s November 13th, 2008 – World Usability Day! There are live WUD2008 events scheduled to take place around the world. There are many online WUD2008 events, too. As long as you have a computer and an internet connection, you can participate! I am taking the Global Transport Challenge today, and later on, I’ll attend the live events in Copenhagen. I also plan to take photos on the topic of transport and upload them to Flickr with the tag “WUD2008“.

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Color me accessible

Perception of color might be a forgotten or neglected disability. Some people notice or think about disabilities only when they are quite apparent, such as someone in a wheelchair or someone using a white cane when walking down the street. When you know that someone can see, you don’t immediately think that they might perceive colors quite differently from the way you perceive colors. Having only recently discovered the Webaxe podcasts, I have been catching up on all their older podcasts. Their 16th episode was about color and accessibility. It inspired me to post some information about color. The references apply to Web, but you can also think about these matters in document design. This particular podcast had a nice little discussion about color, and the related blog entry pointed to an article by Ann McMeekin, Byte Size Standards, where she discusses coloring with contrast and provides many useful links…

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