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Tag: Thomas Madsen-Mygdal

Rebooting UX in Denmark – UX Camp CPH 2015

Once again the day came to pass where all fans of User Experience descended on the campus of the IT University of Copenhagen to talk UX, eye-tracking, card-sorting, service design, touchpoints, CX, CJM, UX, SUS, UCD, and all the other magic incantations they knew so well from their lives in the Real World. Now, they could meet, talk, and network with others of their own kind. It was once again time for … the UX Camp CPH! Ah, it was good to be back in ITU and its big open space today for Day 1 of the fourth iteration of UX Camp CPH. It was good to see familiar faces and meet new ones. We had three speakers lined up for this evening. All eyes were on the first speaker, Jonas Priesum from The Eye Tribe. He spoke about eye-tracking technology and areas for its potential use. I thought there…