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Conference Conversation Curation Frustration

How do you attend a conference from your desk and gain wisdom and insights? Last year, I would have answered ScribbleLive. I followed the STC Summit 2010 using ScribbleLive, and I had a feeling I was at least having the conversations in the hallways. Tweets were drawn into the ScribbleLive setup, but people could also have accounts where they wrote more than 140 characters at a time. You got substantial tidbits directly from the event. I had a sense of the problems on the first two days of the conference (too much organizational navel-gazing that drove people batty), and the overall success of the conference when it was just about technical communication and its myriad of topics. I felt like I attended the conference in person. Real-Time is Exhausting The STC Summit 2011 was far less enjoyable from my faraway perspective. One problem was the distance. From Denmark, the Sacramento,…