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Month: May 2011

Conference Conversation Curation Frustration

How do you attend a conference from your desk and gain wisdom and insights? Last year, I would have answered ScribbleLive. I followed the STC Summit 2010 using ScribbleLive, and I had a feeling I was at least having the conversations in the hallways. Tweets were drawn into the ScribbleLive setup, but people could also have accounts where they wrote more than 140 characters at a time. You got substantial tidbits directly from the event. I had a sense of the problems on the first two days of the conference (too much organizational navel-gazing that drove people batty), and the overall success of the conference when it was just about technical communication and its myriad of topics. I felt like I attended the conference in person. Real-Time is Exhausting The STC Summit 2011 was far less enjoyable from my faraway perspective. One problem was the distance. From Denmark, the Sacramento,…


Global Voices, Global Accessibility, Globa11y!

I’d like to have the real voices of accessibility reverberate around the globe! Back in March, I heard Mahmoud Salem, better known as @SandMonkey, speak about using social media in the revolution in Egypt. He gave a fascinating presentation, which was followed by a question and answer session. The person who asked questions was Solana Larsen, a managing editor at Global Voices. I have a lot of respect for Global Voices and the citizen media movement providing a platform for voices around the world. These are voices that you normally do not hear in mainstream media for so many different reasons. I chatted with @SandMonkey and a group of my friends after the talk. Solana was there, and I said hi, because I follow her on Twitter. We started talking about Global Voices. Solana asked whether I would be interested in writing for them. I was reluctant because I honestly…