Tag: fun

  • Fresh orchid and fishing cats

    Color communicates. I just received an orchid fresh off the plane from Bangkok. With the sun streaming in the window, the opportunity to photograph the delicate flower couldn’t be bypassed. It gave me practice with my camera, had me do a bit more work with my new Flickr account, and gave me a chance to […]

  • Cute Creature Discomforts – a wake-up call

    I am a fan of Creature Discomforts! I just discovered these delightful creations from Aardman Animations while writing for another blog. As I wrote in that blog entry, these animations were made to help re-brand a UK charity called Leonard Cheshire Disability. This type of communication appeals to me immensely. I admire the animation work […]

  • While I was sleeping, I got tagged

    Well, I haven’t been off sleeping, but while I wasn’t actively blogging, I got tagged from waaay down under. Thanks, Rhonda – I think? Now I need to find 8 things to say about myself that few people know about. Hmmm. I once spent the night on a mountain top in Nepal. Two friends and […]