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Tag: drupal

Getting My Drupal Geek On at #GGMCPH

Saturday morning means sleeping late. But not today. Today was set aside for learning about Drupal. We met in the Berlingske Media building in downtown Copenhagen for a Geek Girl Meetup Drupal workshop. Doors opened at 10 and the workshop started at 11. (It was critical to have that 1 hour for meeting, networking, coffee-and-tea-drinking, and into-place-settling. We didn’t have that at the November Geek Girl Meetup, and that was a mistake. Take note out there. I digress.) Open Source and Community Amelia Berkeley and Isabell Schulz opened with a presentation about Open Source Software and the Drupal Community. They made so many great points, but find out for yourself – here’s the presentation: Intro to Drupal for Geek Girls I’m keen on this community thing, so I really liked this presentation. The community aspect is what intrigues me most about Drupal. They have the saying: Come for the code,…