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Why does the world need technical communicators? (11 reasons)

That’s easy to answer. Ben Minson from Gryphon Mountain has a tidy list of the seven reasons your company needs a technical communicator. End Users Need Documentation Technical Communicators Look at the Product with a User Perspective Technical Communicators Help with Quality Assurance Having Quality Documentation Reflects Positively on Your Organization Documentation Provides a Record Documentation Saves on Support Costs Technical Writers Have a Versatile Skill Set He added four more reasons after posting the first seven. Technical Communicators’ Information Gathering Gets the Team to Think Critically Technical Communicators Are Specifically Trained Technical Communicators Lighten the Load Technical Communicators Can Provide Training and Support These are Ben’s 11 reasons in brief. Read the articles to learn the story behind each link. I like Ben’s reasons, but I wanted to test whether I could add my own – brief – interpretation to his reasons. End Users Need Documentation – Our work…

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