Month: April 2009

  • And why should we care about technical communication?

    Yesterday, I expanded on some of the reasons why the world needs technical communicators that were proposed by Ben Minson. My latest challenge from Problogger is about promoting yesterday’s blog post. One of his suggested ways to promote yesterday’s post – do a follow-up post – made me think of something that has bugged me […]

  • Why does the world need technical communicators? (11 reasons)

    That’s easy to answer. Ben Minson from Gryphon Mountain has a tidy list of the seven reasons your company needs a technical communicator. End Users Need Documentation Technical Communicators Look at the Product with a User Perspective Technical Communicators Help with Quality Assurance Having Quality Documentation Reflects Positively on Your Organization Documentation Provides a Record […]

  • My non-elevator pitch

    Because I do dive into crazy tasks when I already have way too much to do, it is only natural that I dive into ProBlogger’s challenge to build a better blog in 31 days. The challenge of the first day is to write an elevator pitch. Ugh. This is not a business blog. However, as […]