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What I watched at CPH:DOX, part 3

Here’s the last post about what I watched at CPH:DOX 2021. This post continues the list that I started in my part 1 and part 2 posts. The Mushroom Speaks By Marion Neumann I chose to watch this film because I like Star Trek Discovery. In Discovery, the rocket propulsion system used is powered by… mushrooms! I love that Star Trek often takes real-world science and plays with it. I thought it was so cool that this science fiction used a rather unknown corner of the real science world. The film had what I will call some fluffy bits (talking to mushrooms), but the revelations about fungi in general was extremely fascinating. Someone called mushrooms “the archivists” or “the wisdom-keepers of the soil”. It turns out that the people of the Kalahari “call the fungal root system the navel of the world. It connects each and every thing.” I had…

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What I watched at CPH:DOX, part 2

CPH:DOX said “Don’t just watch. Listen.” I really did that. There were so many messages to listen to in this years selection of documentaries. This post continues the list that I started in my part 1 post. MLK/FBI By Sam Pollard This was a good refresher of some history, especially because I probably never got the right history lesson to begin with due to systemic racism, etc. Basically, you could say this was about the FBI stalking MLK. Hoover had his sights elsewhere for a while, but then he became fanatical about digging up dirt on MLK. If you are alive in 50 years, you can read what they dug up. The files are locked away until then. There might be issues that would raise some MeToo issues, but there are definitely issues about civil liberty violations and extremely intrusive surveillance. I think King will still come out as an…


What I watched at CPH:DOX, part 1

CPH:DOX, also known as Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, has been up and running for a few days now. After the success of last year (for me), I was already to settle in with my popcorn on Thursday 22 April and start watching. You can find descriptions of all the films at This post is for my purely personal comments on the films I have seen. Ah, CPHDOX, I love you! The Green Land By the Greenlandic artist Ink Silis Høegh This film was filled with extremely beautiful images from landscapes in Greenland. There are also elements of land art and happenings in it, but that simply isn’t me. I am glad I saw the beauty in this film, but I am simply not tuned into this type of art film. Watched Thursday 22 April. The Lost Sons By Ursula Macfarlane Based on a book, this film was a…