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Month: April 2021

What I watched at CPH:DOX, part 1

CPH:DOX, also known as Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, has been up and running for a few days now. After the success of last year (for me), I was already to settle in with my popcorn on Thursday 22 April and start watching. You can find descriptions of all the films at This post is for my purely personal comments on the films I have seen. Ah, CPHDOX, I love you! The Green Land By the Greenlandic artist Ink Silis H√łegh This film was filled with extremely beautiful images from landscapes in Greenland. There are also elements of land art and happenings in it, but that simply isn’t me. I am glad I saw the beauty in this film, but I am simply not tuned into this type of art film. Watched Thursday 22 April. The Lost Sons By Ursula Macfarlane Based on a book, this film was a…