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  • Thomas Fleming Day on Design, Simple Solutions, Leadership, and Responsibility

    100 years ago, a man wrote passionately about the incompetency that led to a terrible tragedy. The freshness of his words struck me when I first discovered them in 2001. Today, on the 100th anniversary of that tragedy – the sinking of the Titanic, I thought the words of that man – Thomas Fleming Day […]

  • WordPress Power Weekend – WordPress.dk and GGMCPH

    A WordPress weekend should be covered on a WordPress blog! I spent the past weekend “geeking out” with WordPress. Once again, the online experience led to great real life get-togethers and discussions. I share tips, links, and photos in this post. You should try a WordPress get-together in your neighborhood to get the feeling of […]

  • I Don’t Want to Read More or Click Here

    I feel so overwhelmed when I encounter websites that use the phrase “Read more” or “Click here”. The overwhelming feeling comes from realizing how many people need to get rid of this bad habit. It’s the wrong thing to do. This bad practice is so ubiquitous that most people probably concludes that it is OK. […]