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Month: November 2010

I Don’t Want to Read More or Click Here

I feel so overwhelmed when I encounter websites that use the phrase “Read more” or “Click here”. The overwhelming feeling comes from realizing how many people need to get rid of this bad habit. It’s the wrong thing to do. This bad practice is so ubiquitous that most people probably concludes that it is OK. But it isn’t! My latest encounter was on the website for the museum of Copenhagen. The Danish version of the site is the same. Imagine that you had a list of only the links from a web page. I mean a list of the phrases displayed with a link, not the actual hyperlink. The list on a site that uses “Read more” would be as follows: Read more Read more Read more Read more I could continue. It’s meaningless, right? That is what anyone who reads a website with a screen reader encounters. Screen readers…