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It’s 2023…

Tom Klaver speaks the truth: It’s so damn hard to get started! When I saw his toot on Mastodon, kindly boosted by Deborah Onoro, I decided to get started myself. Here is my first posting of 2023 and my first posting in a while!

Mastodon is getting me back into social media again, and now it looks like it kickstarted this blog again. It’s nice when public knowledge sharing can be constructive, educational, and fun! This blog will continue to be whatever I want it to be. That is the point of having one’s own blog! I am sure there will lots on communication, sprinkled with accessibility and usability aspects. Once you learn about accessibility and usability, I find that you cannot unlearn them and you cannot “unnotice” issues around them when you are out and about. I view them as aspects of life, and not just a tiny corner of my daily work.

I’ll be back with commentary, photos (with alt text, of course!), book reviews, and whatever else captures my fancy. I might even dig up some still relevant drafts for posting. Now to go eat a late lunch with some leftover yachaejeon. No, there will be no photos here of my first attempt at making yachaejeon. My efforts were due to discovering the recipe as an option to get rid of aging vegetables in the fridge. I succeeded in that, but this is nowhere near a food blog!

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  1. Deborah Edwards-Onoro
    Deborah Edwards-Onoro 15 January 2023

    Woohoo! Congrats on getting back into blogging, Karen. Excited for you. I’ve added your blog to my feedreader.

    How was your yachaejeon?

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