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Tag: adventure

Overland From Denmark to Nepal

On 1 February 1978 – 33 years ago this week – seven people left Denmark in a 1955 Bedford bus headed to Nepal. I was one of those people. We drove through Germany Austria Yugoslavia (that was its name back then) Bulgaria Turkey Iran Afghanistan Pakistan India Nepal and then turned around and drove back to Denmark, arriving home four months and eight days later. Sometimes, I feel like I took that journey at the last minute. The first little revolution in Afghanistan took place in April 1978 while we were in India. A year later, the Shah was deposed in Iran. Massive changes have taken place in some of the countries I visited. We met only kindness and hospitality from total strangers in these countries; they invited us into their homes and offered us food and drink. I wonder what has happened to them in the past 33 years.…


A Tale of Bread

Nic Steenhout‘s photo of fresh-baked bread sent me more than 30 years back in time. I’ve always loved baking bread. I know I learned to bake bread when I was a teenager, but I have few recollections of those breads. I know some were sweet and most were incredibly flat and heavy despite being baked in a form and using yeast. I may have been heart-broken, but my dad never complained. The bread disappeared completely when in his care. I wasn’t afraid to experiment, either. An uncle was coming over for dinner in my early bread-baking years, and I thought I’d make some special dinner rolls. I added blue food coloring, blue being my favorite color. To my great disappointment, no one wanted to eat them! Years later, I became more conscious of the beauty of the creation of bread. It wasn’t doing something fancy like adding blue coloring. It…