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Month: November 2019

Food for thought on the 1st of November 2019

Rather than sharing two links on Twitter with very little commenting or curating, I thought I’d post them in a blog post. That gives me more space to comment on why I found them worthwhile. I hope your brain enjoys these munchies. Did you know that fast-food products can contain a little extra for you? Read how Fast food increases exposure to a ‘forever chemical’ called PFAS. It’s not in the food. It’s in the packaging. But it gets into the food. Yuck. Who likes food wrapped in soggy papir or soggy cardboard, but do we really need to add a forever chemical to the packaging materials to avoid the soggy mess. Denmark is the first country to ban the use of PFAS in packaging. Maps are one way indigenous people are becoming more visible. I liked reading How mapmakers help indigenous people defend their lands. A quote at the…

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