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Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010

It felt like the year came to an abrupt end. December was a whirlwind of activity and change.

There are so many people who made 2009 a wonderful year. I want to thank all of them. I will do so over time in 2010. I want to make the thanks personal and meaningful. For now, know that I am thinking kind thoughts of all of you!

Two turning points for me in 2009 were my mom’s death March 9th and my decision to walk away from a full-time job November 30th in the middle of a world-wide financial crisis.

There is a connection. I am rediscovering who am I and what my values are. You can sense the direction I am going in from this posting on my quickie blog at Tumblr. I feel very good about 2010. I have no clue what will happen, but I feel good.

I am wishing a happy, healthy, and peaceful 2010 to everyone I know and to everyone they know and to…