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Yes we can

I stayed up all night to watch the elections in the United States. Thinking I couldn’t stay awake, I didn’t attend any events in Copenhagen and chose park myself in front of the computer and TV. I forgot about adrenalin.

The TV and the internet kept me going. They were a perfect team for me. I saw President-elect Barack Obama give his speech, and not long after that, Shakesville posted the full text from the Guardian.

What a night! I didn’t get to sleep until 8.30 in the morning. I thought McCain gave a very gracious speech. Obama’s acceptance speech moved me to tears (of joy). Granted, I am a fan of his rhetoric. It could get me interested in politics! What a delight if we move from sound-bites to proper discourse, dialog, conversation, listening – communication.

I know there are many challenges ahead of the US and the world. There is work to do. Our work. We can do it.