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Left thumb still blogging!

I came across Glenda Watson Hyatt‘s blog in March 2007, so it was like finding a old friend when I found two blog posts about her recently.

Problogger wrote how blogging changes lives by sharing a captioned video of Glenda Watson Hyatt telling her own blogging story. Lorelle on WordPress also blogged about Glenda, writing something that I want to quote:

As you design and develop WordPress Themes and Plugins, and even WordPress itself, remember that you are serving thousands, maybe even millions of people just like Glenda. Creative, energetic members of society determined to give back to their community, yet unable to communicate in person or easily interact with a computer. They are reliant upon those of us who make the web possible, and social, to communicate with others by maintaining web accessibility standards.

Thank you, Lorelle. Nicely put!

PS With this being October, the month of breast cancer awareness, Glenda asks an important question: how accessible is breast care for women with disabilities? Let’s hope the blogosphere finds her an answer, and a good one!