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Month: October 2007

Sunshine and

Every time the group gets together in Denmark, the sun shines from a gorgeous blue sky. I would have thought that the plan was to have rain so that people would want to stay indoors. Despite this mix-up with the Danish Meteorological Institute, WordPress fans flocked to the wonderful meeting facilities at Advice (thanks, RenĂ©!). Who cares about sunshine when you can mingle with your WordPress buddies? After an unplanned and long pause in my blogging activities, it is only fitting that a WordPress meetup got me back in the blogging saddle again. In fact, that was the topic I discussed at the meeting. Our get-togethers are lovely organized chaos, but it is still nice to have a starting point. This means that any members reading this can start thinking about what they might be able to present at our next get-together. Hey! If I can babble about…