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Month: May 2007

Another successful WordPress Meetup

Attending a Danish WordPress Meetup in the company of nice people is a pleasant way for a geek to recover from jetlag! René blogged about it (in Danish, of course). I look forward to seeing pictures when the photographers upload their photos somewhere. Podcasts and blogs I was bit late, but caught the majority of Karin Høegh’s little talk about podcast blogs. She is working on a new tool here in Denmark for publishing podcasts called Podhandle. She feels there are usability issues with publishing methods and hopes that podhandle can provide good solutions. Not being a podcaster myself, I couldn’t really use that information, but I enjoyed listening to Karin’s talk and the discussion that followed. The atmosphere is always charged with energy and inspiration at times like these. Statistics and your blog Our talk soon switched to statistics programs. Several were mentioned, but the best summary can be…


Tech Writer Blogs Galore!

Are you looking for some more technical writing/communication blogs? Go look at the directory that Tom Johnson set up for tech writing blogs. This list is growing as more technical communicators find their way here and list their blogs. The list just grew by one – I added mine. 🙂

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Long Live My Generation

About one month ago, a friend from one of my discussion lists shared a link to a music video. The song is old and so are the singers. The average age is 78. Their pride and spirit, however, are very young. I think they are beautiful! Go visit their website on MySpace and enjoy their rendition of The Who’s My Generation. Respect to The Zimmer Band!

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