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Month: January 2007

Very Cool Screen

I want this screen for my birthday! The demonstration of the screen in this video is absolutely amazing. The users just point their fingers and wave their hands about and stuff happens. I am behind the times, of course. This type of multi-touch user interface has existed for a while and in various forms.

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Rahul’s Top 10 Lessons Learned as a Technical Communicator

Here are some very wise words from Rahul Prabhakar. He lists and discusses the top 10 lessons he has learned as a technical communicator. I won’t even list them here as a teaser. Go to his site and read them. Or listen to them at Tech Writer Voices. You cannot just read or listen once. I contemplated starting my own list of Top 10 Lessons after reading this list. I thought that would be a nice touch to carry on the concept and have it spread to other technical communication sites. However, I am too influenced by Rahul’s ideas right now. I would need to mull over these ideas for a while before I dare set pen to paper, or rather, shoved a few electrons around on the screen. Besides, the intention of my site is to share lessons, big and small, on a fairly regular basis. Maybe I can…

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