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Very Cool Screen

I want this screen for my birthday! The demonstration of the screen in this video is absolutely amazing. The users just point their fingers and wave their hands about and stuff happens. I am behind the times, of course. This type of multi-touch user interface has existed for a while and in various forms.

If you want to learn more about the technical aspect of these screens, take a look at these two links.

I do not see me using this screen when writing documentation! However, this goes way beyond the benefits of dual monitors! During the production of a document, I often like to have a complete overview of certain sections. I end up printing a bunch of pages and spreading them out on the floor. I cringe at the use of all that paper, but feel very frustrated at seeing only small parts of a document on the screen at one time. I do have dual monitors, and I can stretch my application to spread across both screens. It is not the same as spreading out paper all over the floor! I take the expression “bird’s-eye view” almost literally! On this screen, I could see the layout of the entire chapter in one glance.

The family has been notified of my desire to have this screen for my birthday. Don’t know where to put it . . . Besides, I’d be better off using it at work. It is designed for multiple users who collaborate on projects. If these were used at meetings, I’ll bet people would be really enthusiastic about participation! I don’t see a price tag anywhere, so I wonder how long we have to wait before we know we cannot afford it?

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  1. Tom Johnson
    Tom Johnson 24 January 2007

    We have a “Teamboard Touchboard” at our work — a whiteboard that you can touch to operate. It syncs with a computer screen. No one uses it. It’s only used as a toy that people play with now and then almost by accident (yet it probably cost thousands).

    Looking at that video you linked to, it almost looks like the guy is doing sign language. I’d be tired after a half hour of surfing.

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